Mom,  thanks
for all you
taught me.  I
do everything
with you in
mind and
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Stained Glass Projects
by Debi Mishael
Stained Glass Window Projects
Donated to Women's League of
Conservative Judaism for their
auction at the Baltimore
Convention - December 2010.
Our home dining room Window.  It's a
perfect backdrop for our Shabbat dinners.
A present for Dad Mishael on his 88th Birthday
(2010).  The five pictures embedded in the
window are engagement photos taken in
Jerusalem in 1954.  The Hebrew words in the
glass are "Moshe" and "Bracha" - Mike and
A Bar Mitzvah present for my cousin's
son..."Yehudah Dov".  The center piece is part of
his invitation and the design is inspired by the
outer shell of his invitation.
His name is Mason or "Matan."  If the window is
turned left or right you can see that his English
and Another gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy.  His name
is Mason or "Matan."  If the window is turned left
or right you can see that his English and Hebrew
names are spelled withing the ribbon.  "Matan"
means "gift"...hense the design of the window.
This was the first Bar Mitzvah invitation window I
made.  The background glass was carefully cut
from one large sheet of glass and care was taken
so the grains and variations of the glass would
not be visually broken in the finished window.
Made for a friend as a
gift from her and her
siblings to their
mother.  The Hebrew
says "Savta" or
grandmother and the
pictures are of her 7
This was presented to my Dad at his 80th
birthday (2010).  Poker is his favorite hobby
so his name led to the perfect design.  Real
playing cards and poker chips have been
embedded into the glass.
These windows were
the result of a
cooperative effort with  
Briarwood students.  I
taught them how to
work with glass.  Each
student made their
own project and
together we all
contributed to the one
on the left in 2011 and
the one on the right in
For my kitchen window...when I have time, I will construct one with fruit for the other side of the sink..
Mosaic using glass scraps.  It's a weather
thermometer for the backyard.